Vancouver Island Colloidal Silver


We are a manufacturer (wholesaler and distributor) of Colloidal Silver located on Vancouver Island.

We have been marketing and distributing colloidal silver across Canada for over 10 years.

We deliver our high quality product to all locations in Canada. Our colloidal silver is guaranteed fresh and tests at a minimum of 18 ppm. with absolutely no impurities.


You are probably here because you are adequately informed about the true healing power of Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver has too many applications to list, however we have a few categories on this site. Colloidal silver is essential in the home for various uses. Our volume production makes this miracle solution available to all!


                         *Guaranteed quality! We make our Colloidal Silver fresh, twice weekly.*

           Our product is manufactured with industry standard equipment and routinely checked for

            quality assurance.




To Our Valued Customers:


We are strictly Mail Order now to keep our prices extremely reasonable. We do not have a pick up location. We do not ship outside Canada. Have questions or want to learn more.? Please drop us an email on the Order/Contact page. We promise to get back to as soon as possible.


We have omitted our phone contact info as many people are seeking an introduction to the  benefits of colloidal silver. Respectfully, we simply do not have the time to entertain constant requests of this nature. We will, (as time permits) post PDF files and links to info pertaining to

colloidal silver.


                        We offer $12.95 same day shipping to all locations in Canada.